Get Everyones stack size measured in Big Blinds on your Pokertracker HUD

Its the best thing since sliced bread and its only $5.00.

In tournaments, everyone knows that strategy changes depending on stack sizes. But each site shows you stack sizes as the total number of chips a player has. What is really important is the ratio of their stack size to the size of the blinds.

Before I developed this statistic, I was always mentally dividing my stack size and my opponents stack size by the size of the blinds. Each Hand. Each Table. Each minute. It got old. What I wanted was to just look at the screen and see everyone's stack size so I could spend my time deciding strategy rather than wasting it working on simple division.

So I did it. It works great and shows everyones stack size as an entry in the poker tracker HUD. You can use the standard HUD colors and styles and even setup color ranges similar to what Dan Harrington recommended in his books. Its so much nicer and more relaxing to play tournaments and I can make better decisions. Here is what it looks like:

It works on Windows and Macintosh. It also has been tested on multiple poker sites and networks. There are simple installation instructions with screen shots. Anyone should be able to install it. If you somehow have troubles anyway, I will be happy to provide tech support and troubleshooting. The direct download link, if you have already paid and have a name and password is here. BTW, you need to have a licensed (paid for) version of pokertracker. The trial version of pokertaker will not let you add this.

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