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PokerDB Auto Player Lookup: Shows a constantly updated window for each tournament with each players information automatically downloaded from the poker db. Works with or without Pokertracker or Hold'em Manager. Compatible with Windows and Macintosh. Currently the program supports Pokerstars and FullTilt. Other sites can be added and will be if there is user demand.

The main screen is designed to take up only a small amount of screen real estate, so it doesn't interfere if you are multi-tabling. On it you will see a list of players that are currently sitting at your tables. Each is color coded from bright green through bright red based on their roi so you can immediately tell who is a winning and losing player. If you click on a player to select them, (they turn blue) their detailed pokerdb information will be shown at the bottom of the screen. The information at the bottom is formatted for easy cut and paste into your poker clients note screen. Here is a screen shot:

The information at the bottom of the window is the number of tournaments, the average buy in, what percentage of the time the player is in the money (itm), their profits or loss and their return on investment (roi). The program can be setup to show more or different information, this format is what I like. Any field on the players pokerdb web page can be added.

However, if you want more infomation, AutoLookup will do that too. Here is what the "Detail" screen looks like:

The colors for each line vary according the persons profitability so you can see at a glance who is a big winner or loser.

Configuration is easy. Just enter your pokerdb username and password as well as the hand history directories for Pokerstars anf FullTilt. Autolookup will do the rest. Important: you will need a paid account at the pokerdb for this program to work.

When the program is running, it will automatically read all your hand history files and show a continually updated list of all the players you are playing against on all your tables from all your poker sites in the window. Then it will lookup all their information from the pokerdb . You must have a username and password for the pokerdb for this program to work correctly.

Version 2 will automatically add the information to the notes field or will be able to show the information on your pokertracker HUD.

Download A Free Trial